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Is your recruitment costing too much?

How much does recruitment cost? Most HR and recruitment professionals will talk to you about agency fees, advertising costs and the salaries of in-house recruiters. But is that the true cost of recruitment?

Most companies underestimate the cost of recruitment by 90-95%, not least when they are looking to cut costs. This can lead leads to wrong decisions that not only fail reducing recruitment costs, but can even drive them up. So what are these costs, and more importantly, what can you do about them? 


 VIDEO: Lucy explains about the hidden costs of recruitment 


In the second part of our '10 Reasons recruitment is a problem' campaign, our latest whitepaper explains why recruitment may be costing your organisation more than it should be, as well as what you can do as business to start lowering recruitment costs. 

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Click here to download our latest whitepaper on why recruitment costs so much