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5 reasons you’re unhappy in your job role

There are many reasons for somebody to be unhappy in their work place. We at Quarsh have listed 5 reasons you could be down in the dumps about your job role and workplace.

Lack of motivation

If you’re sat at work, unhappy and not wanting to do the work provided - there is a problem. You are not inspired or feeling challenged. These are important aspects to a happy work life. Of course, not all tasks in your job role will be exciting, we all have to do our fair share of tedious tasks. If it is constant tedious tasks that do not inspire you and you’re unhappy, it is time to make a change.  Have a serious think if the job role is right for you and make a career change doing something that inspires you. Do not get stuck in a rut.


With lack of motivation, comes procrastination. If you’re attempting to do anything else apart from your assigned work, you’re procrastinating. Procrastinators avoid difficult tasks and deliberately look for distractions. Sound familiar? If this is the case, ask yourself why you’re doing this. Are you bored? Make changes to prevent yourself from being unhappy in your workplace.

Distancing yourself

Company culture differs in all companies. You can have the best skills for the role, but, you cannot always fit in with the team and their personalities. That isn’t your fault, everybody has different opinions and not everybody gets along. If you are struggling to get along with your colleagues there are things you can do. Evaluate how much you have to work with them. If there is a way to limit this, do it (without causing a rift, or jeopardizing the company brand). Attempt to discover what it is you dislike about them. Once you have pinpointed the problem, you can discuss it with friends (outside of work). Talking to a close friend can often help the situation. You can also speak to your Line Manager. There could be options to move to a different team.

Unhappy in your Leadership

You’re not confident in your Managing Directors leadership, they’re distant from the business and fail to provide praise for your achievements. This isn’t the case in every company. Managers should be invested in their staff and they should recognise achievements, nobody is ever too important to be nice to others. Many managers do praise. Bad leadership can have a huge impact on how you feel in your job role. You should not have to stand for being underappreciated.

Your personal life suffers

Your work life is having a negative impact on your personal life. Your work stress can lead to arguments with your partner or family members, consumption of unhealthy foods and missed gym sessions. If this is the case, a change is needed. Your life and health is more important than any job role.

Make the changes you need for a happier work/life balance. Don’t give up immediately, discuss your issues with your superiors, communication is key. If you can change aspects of your job role for the better, why wouldn’t you?