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Healthcare recruitment - does your employer brand make you stand out?

This week’s Panorama investigation on the Care sector focussed primarily on auxiliary care, but lessons can be learned and applied across the healthcare sector generally. 

When it comes to healthcare professionals, we all know there’s a shortfall in supply versus demand, and this was highlighted in a BBC News report from 23rd March 2017. The current pool can’t be expanded immediately, however we can all contribute to making the sector more appealing to new entrants.We can do this in two ways: first, by busting some myths that the press likes to push and reflecting the positives; and second, by making the process of applying for positions much, much easier. Combined, we’ll have more people entering the sector, and lower churn.

We know this to be true because we’ve done it. We’ve been working with a private hospital for around 18 months. They’re now, for the first time, able to open all of their beds. The benefits are obvious.

So let’s take those two aspects: 

Employer branding gets bandied around a lot. The term has become a bit tarnished as companies try to position themselves according to how they’d like to be perceived, rather than reflecting the reality. It’s a bit like Mission Statements – how many times have you seen “We value honesty, integrity, compassion, great customer service”? A successful employer brand is much more powerful to give people a feel for what it’s like to work for your business. Have a look at our 'Why does employer branding matter' blog for more detail.

Recruitment processes should be easy and smooth, both for candidates to apply and for hiring managers to execute. Getting rid of 15 step online applications is a great start, as is introducing consistency across candidate communications and how hiring managers interview and select. Onboarding is the final, vital, step, which doesn’t end until at least 6 months into a new appointment. Take a look at our recruitment audit tool to how well your recruitment function is currently performing. 

Those are the basics. We all know that the sector is competitive, so assuming that everyone gets the basics right, how can you win talent above your competitors? The answer is again pretty straightforward – you need to do things better. Don’t just write an advert and wait for applications to land in your inbox. 

Innovate. Work harder. Look in more places. Be creative about how you think about the people you meet. Remember them for future hiring. Take advantage of social media. Put some energy and creative thinking into your talent acquisition strategy. Actively sourcing, interviewing, promoting your brand, getting your current staff to shout about how great you are; all of these things will bring you more candidates who are better motivated about joining you, so they’ll accept a role faster and you’ll keep them for longer. Best of all, your culture will improve.

You can’t lose!