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Reducing your recruitment costs within the healthcare industry

Following on from our recent blog about the healthcare recruitment crisis, it’s clear that not only is there a shortfall in supply, there’s also a shortfall in funding. While we don’t have a magic bullet to increase funding, we can offer some solace in one area, which is getting the cost of acquiring talent down within healthcare recruitment.

Let’s take an example and look at potential recruitment costs:

Say you need to hire 20 cross-band nurses, at an average salary of £28,000. With agency fees of 15%, that’s a total of £84,000.

Our fees are roughly half that, and our average time to hire register nurses is just 23 days. For HCAs and similar roles, it's even less.

Because we’re working onsite with you, you also have control over how your employer brand is positioned, and as the talent pipeline grows you’ll benefit, as it belongs to you. We have as much interest as you in making sure attrition is low, too. We’ll help with the whole recruitment environment, from planning and design to execution and reporting. It’s what we do. 

VIDEO: Following last week's BBC Panorama report our Managing Director, Lucy James, gives her views on the recruitment crisis in the healthcare industry and what can be done by healthcare providers when it comes to lowering recruitment costs.