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Innovation at Quarsh

Quarsh was born out of innovation and that's one of the reasons I decided to join the business. We don't offer cookie-cutter solutions to our clients, instead we work with them to ensure everything we do, works for them. Whether this is recruiting a particular set of vacancies that are proving problematic, reviewing their HR team, executive search, process redesign, social media management or auditing. 


We hold regular Innovation days with the sole purpose of innovating and improving. What can we do better? Whether it is for the benefit of us or our client. We've seen ideas as diverse as knowledge databases, apps and top 5 lists. Some are easily implemented and the impact can be seen immediately, others are much larger in scope and can take months before coming to fruition,

My client

At Circle Health, I work closely with the senior management whilst maintaining a presence on the floor. I regularly get feedback from our frontline staff on our adverts and awareness of our brand in the local area. It's important for me, the client and the success of Quarsh that all feedback is addressed. We've advertised in local press, radio, run open evenings, attending University Career Fairs and spoken to candidates all around the world. We've had a big push on Social Media to increase and improve brand awareness and we are seeing some success in a very difficult candidate scarce market.

Quarsh Management

Lucy and Jason are very different personalities and complement each other well, one trait they do share is they both want to excel at everything they do. Whatever approach is needed to resolve an issue, between them they have it covered.


It's important in an Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) provider that you don't lose the sense of who your employees are. Although our team is spread far and wide, one way we achieve this is with monthly town hall meetings. By using Google Hangouts, we can have face to face meetings wherever the rest of the team are. We share successes, challenges and knowledge, troubleshooting where necessary and maintaining our professional familiarity with each other. 

We also try and get everyone together at least once a quarter. The whole of Quarsh recently spent a weekend in the Peak District team building. We ran around the hills and made rockets to save the human race from a deadly virus! It was great to spend time in a less formal situation and enhance the already strong bonds within the team. Our next company retreat is booked for June 2017 in Normandy, and there's already lots of buzz about it around the team. 

A lot of companies claim to be innovative, with Quarsh we are able to put those ideas into practice, not just fantasy!