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Is your recruitment taking too long?

Every recruitment campaign has its own variants and circumstances, but as a rule of thumb, anything over 45 days for a 'standard' recruitment cycle is too long. For more specialist and executive hires, the timeline should be around the 90 day mark. 



So why can recruitment take longer than necessary?

There are a number of factors that need to be taken into account when looking at speeding up the overall recruitment function. Usually, however, it can be put down to process, cultural or procedural issues...or a mixture of all three. By taking a thorough look at your end-to-end recruitment environment, you will be able to identify what tweaks you can make to your recruitment campaigns so they run much more efficiently. 

In this whitepaper, our Managing Director Lucy James will explain:

  • What a 'standard' time to hire should be
  • How to accurately measure your time to hire
  • What will happen if you get it right
  • Possible reasons recruitment is taking too long
  • How to reduce your time to hire

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