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What DO they look like!?

It’s safe to say that at one point or another in our lives, we’ve judged someone by their appearance before even speaking to them. We’ve already decided that they were not a nice person, driven, capable, lazy or even worse. You may even do this when you know the person, just based on how they are dressed.

You may have drawn this conclusion by the way they are dressed; their tattoos, fake eyelashes or unruly hair. Whatever it is, remember, just because you may be dressed in a suit or a dress and have perfectly styled hair, it does not make you more capable or more driven than someone with a tattoo, or someone who dresses in a casual manner.

The reason behind their casual appearance could be an affordability issue. Or maybe they do their best work when they are wearing shorts and t-shirt. Every business has a different approach and culture. Some companies are happy with visible tattoos, or a casual dress code, even when they have clients on-site. A lot of companies though, ask employees to dress smartly when they have clients in the business or you go to their sites as there are those who still judge others by the way they look, rather than their capabilities.

From a young age, you are told that you must do well in school, go to uni to get a decent job, dress smartly, work hard to get that promotion which leads to more money, then you can get that big house and the flash car. Life should be about what choices YOU make, and not what you are told or led to believe.

We‘re all guilty of pre-judging. But if you carrying on judging someone by the way they are dressed, you could just be missing out on the best person for your job, when they have potentially so much to offer your team and business.