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Automated Interviewing, effective? - 3,2,1, answer the question....

In today’s fast paced society, our time is valuable. Which is why we’re not surprised by large companies being advocates for the automated video interview. For an automated interview, a candidate logs onto a portal and is given a series of questions to answer. They’re given a practise round and then a set time to answer each question. We saw on our LinkedIn network, a candidate had a video interview and lost his words, he panicked so much that he just didn’t move until the time was up. That way, the company would have thought the system had frozen. You have to hand it to him for his quick thinking!

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Is This The End of Peak Pay?

Every generation over the past century has seen their pay increase compared to their predecessor; i.e. at the same age the average employee has earned more than their parents’ generation did for the same role. This has been caused by a steady increase in salaries above the rate of inflation. But now for the first time, this isn’t happening.

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Generation Y and the Graduate Exploitation

Third-year university students graduate at a high level of academia; when they are promptly pushed off that pedestal and find themselves bottom of the pile, with the realisation that they now need to find their feet within the working world.

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Innovation at Quarsh

Quarsh was born out of innovation and that's one of the reasons I decided to join the business. We don't offer cookie-cutter solutions to our clients, instead we work with them to ensure everything we do, works for them. Whether this is recruiting a particular set of vacancies that are proving problematic, reviewing their HR team, executive search, process redesign, social media management or auditing. 

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Graduates: Treating Them Mean Won't Keep Them Keen

Graduates; they’re the next generation of Talent. They’re bright eyed, bushy tailed, with an almost palpable willingness to learn and succeed. They’re undeniably attractive recruits that will often enter into a working environment bustling with new ideas, integrating comfortably into a company’s culture and may come armed with the knowledge of how to navigate around new software and tech with relative ease.

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Is Social Media Revolutionising Recruitment?

There’s no denying it; the digital evolution is well and truly underway. And now research released by the world’s leading oil and gas job board Oilandgaspeople.com has further signalled that social media networks are in the midst of transforming the recruitment process.  

The survey published by the industry leaders indicates that a significant number of recruiters and hiring managers are now using social media networks such as LinkedIn and Facebook to determine whether they want to proceed with or reject prospective candidates as common practice.

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Over-Emphasis On Recruitment Metrics Could Jeopardise the Candidate Experience, Report Says


A report published by the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC), CIPD and the Chartered Institute for Recruitment and Supply (CIPS) has urged organisations to review the recruitment supply chain holistically if they are to maintain positive candidate experiences as well as reduce costs and time to hire.

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Recruitment Process Outsourcing: Innovate or Evaporate

Eight elements to securing an added value RPO solution

Research conducted by Outsourcing giant Capita Managed Services has revealed an air of disharmony amongst HR Directors and Recruitment Process Outsourcing providers, with respondents citing that the relationships firms have with both clients and candidates is impersonal and inflexible.

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