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Trends in Fashion Recruitment: Are they just in it for the discount?

It’s been a crazy few months in Britain, many organisations have come out of the shadows to stake their claim for 2018 as leaders in their field. Interestingly but not surprisingly, one of the biggest areas for growth was online retail and fashion. A study by lending firm Lendy found that there were just over 6,000 applications for physical shops in England last year, compared with 13,500 in 2008, a trend we are aware of.

However, the demand for online fashion at our fingertips has not only helped organisations reach new heights, but allowed them to invest internally in a bid to meet demand. This has resulted in high turnover, some fantastic online campaigns and overall happy customers – who said fashion had to cost a fortune?!

As Head of insights and Partnerships here at Quarsh, it’s been great to meet and speak to many organisations on the Fast Track 100 who have been through this journey – and one of the reasons I believe they are excelling is due to the pace of growth at the business. It’s a case of do or di...well, do not, but to be leaders in the field, you must find a way to make it happen.

68% of the brands I spoke to were happy with their internal HR function, but knew to stay ahead of the ever-closing pack, things had to change.

Being reactive works well to what the public want, but to make sure that the right talent was aware of the brand, who understood the ethos of the company, (rather than loved the products of the brand and wanted a discount), was actually a huge challenge – an employer branding exercise of some epic proportions.

I think a key to the success for many of these organisations is their self-awareness – yes what we have now works fine, but we know if we don’t improve, we could be left behind; lessons learnt from ventures we have seen pass us over the last decade. A great man once said, “If you don’t move forward, sooner or later you begin to move backward”, and it seems those lessons are being adhered to by this country's great scaling organisations.