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How hot is your recruitment process? Take its temperature with our free 10 minute recruitment audit!

So just how well is your recruitment function performing? It's a question that no doubts gets asked in one way or another by every agency or recruitment process outsourcing provider that speaks to your business. And it's an important question. Recruitment is often the part of the HR function that gets ignored, or at best, is allowed to just 'tick along'. 

So what can be done? Our recent '9 ways to improve your in-house recruitment process' blog shows that sometimes it's just a few quick tweaks that are needed to improve your recruitment environment. In other cases however, what's needed is a complete overhaul of processes and systems to get your recruitment function performing to a high standard.

If it's the latter, then where do you start? With recruitment potentially being so complex, how would you go about starting a recruitment audit?

Undertaking recruitment audits and consulting with organisations on how to improve recruitment functions is at the core of our business. With our new recruitment audit tool, we've made it easier for businesses to self-assess their own performance and to see where improvements can be made. 

Our recruitment audit tool will assess five key areas of your company's recruitment function: 

  • Resourcing strategies
  • Attraction and sourcing methods
  • Candidate assessment and selection
  • Offers and on-boarding
  • Data management and measurement.

 Please click here to begin your free recruitment audit 

After you've completed the audit, we'll send you a brief report showing you how your organisation's recruitment environment scores against industry best practice.

If you'd like us to, one of our team will get in touch and explore what the results mean for your business and how you can improve your systems and processes to make your recruitment function as efficient and well-oiled as possible.

If you have any questions, please give us a call on +44 (0) 1908 889 718 and one of the team would be happy to talk you through the tool.